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March 29, 2007 - Yankees: Phelps' chance has come, but Villone may go
by SG

TAMPA, Fla. -- Josh Phelps has apparently won a spot on the Yankees roster.

Andy Phillips, who had been competing with Phelps to platoon at first base with Doug Mientkiewicz, yesterday was placed on outright waivers. The move (which was revealed by a major-league official who asked not to be identified because waivers are confidential) means that by tomorrow Phillips will be claimed by another team or sent to the minors by the Yankees.

Meanwhile, lefty reliever Ron Villone might have clinched his fate last night by failing to retire any of the three men he faced in a 12-2 loss to the Houston Astros.

The roster is tightening up. While I'm happy to see Phelps make the team, I do feel for Andy Phillips. I hope Phillips does get claimed and gets a chance to play in the majors somewhere. I still think he may have a chance at being a productive player, but I don't the Yankees are in the position to wait for it to happen.

Ron Villone looks shot. It would seem that Sean Henn's going to get the spot that was supposed to go to Villone, and I think that's a good move as well.

I'll wrap up the looking ahead pieces with the bullpen tomorrow.