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February 21, 2007

Rawlings: 50 Years of Gold Gloves
by SG

A reader emailed me about this. You can go vote for who you feel are the best defenders of the last fifty years. The Gold Glove awards are pretty useless in my opinion these days, but there are some genuinely great defensive players on there who deserve to be recognized.

Out of curiousity, I ran the ZR numbers for all the players on the ballots (basically anyone who played since 1987), and here they are.

When you consider the fact that the numbers above reflect Ozzie Smith's numbers after age 32, they are even more impressive. A lot of these numbers are post-peak for players like Schmidt, Keith Hernandez, Evans, Concepcion, and Dawson, so I keep that in mind.

I wouldn't put much stock in Mattingly's rating as just about average, as I think ZR has some limitations in how much information it gives us about 1B. So feel free to vote for him if you want.