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February 16, 2007

Newsday: SPRING TRAINING: Moose to Carl: Show us
by SG

Carl Pavano brushed aside questions about any work he needs to do in the clubhouse, saying his bad reputation among teammates is overhyped by the media.

"I think it's just something you guys have had fun with," Pavano said yesterday, referring to a group of reporters standing before him.

But Mike Mussina has a problem with that, and he had no problem voicing his brutally honest opinion about Pavano's brutally disappointing first two seasons with the Yankees.

Two days after Joe Torre said Pavano has a "sizable" amount of work to do in the clubhouse, Mussina said Pavano does not deserve his benefit of the doubt because of his questionable past.

Mussina, speaking about an hour after Pavano did, said, "I'm just looking at it from the way each thing happened and the timing of each. You form your own evaluation. It didn't look good from a players' and teammates' standpoint. It didn't look good. Was everything just coincidence? Over and over again? I don't know."

The press just loves their spring training controversies, don't they? If Pavano can stay healthy and pitch, this stuff will blow over.