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January 22, 2007

Journal News: Cashman glad he's not Boss' puppet anymore
by SG

In the 14 months since he wrestled power away from George Steinbrenner's cabal of advisors in Florida, Cashman has reformatted the Yankees into an organization determined to develop star players rather than pay a premium for them. Along with significant roster changes, Cashman has made a series of personnel moves within the baseball operations department, firing several longtime scouts and coaches and reassigning others.

I think a lot of us are glad that Cashman's not the Boss's puppet anymore.

It's hard to evaluate Cashman as a GM, because it's tough to know which deals are his and which ones are Tampa's. I think he tends to get a pass on some bad moves that are his doing (like Pavano, the Mike Lowell trade, etc.) because of that. I do like the direction he's taking the team in over the last two season though, and think it bodes well for the future.