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January 31, 2007

Boston Herald: Yankees ask Cabrera to skip Caribbean World Series
by SG

Yankees outfielder Melky Cabrera will skip the Caribbean World Series at the team’s request so he can rest up for next season.
Cabrera played the last part of the winter league season in the Dominican Republic and participated in the playoffs, said Mark Newman, the Yankees’ senior vice president of baseball operations.
”We’ve asked that he shut it down at this point. It’s been a long year for him,” Newman said Tuesday on a conference call to discuss the team’s top prospects. ”We thought he needed some rest.”

Rest? When I was Cabrera's age I didn't need any rest.

It's a slow news time, with what looks to be a set roster and spring training slowly approaching while we all eagerly await Fabian's Wayne Franklin writeup.

I'll probably start my player previews over the next week or so. A reader sent me a question that might be good topic for discussion so I'm going to throw it out there and invite everyone to provide their opinions if they feel like it.

As you know, many sports teams are owned by corporations – AOL owns the Braves, News Corp owns the Dodgers, Cablevision owns the Lakers… Well, if they’re going to go to the trouble of owning them, why not bank on them? Instead of naming the team after the city, name them after the corporation. Or even if they are personally owned, they could sell the name of the team to the corporation. For example, instead of the Boston Red Sox there would be the Tampax Red Sox… What do you think?

Tampax Red Sox. Sounds good to me.