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December 6, 2006

by SG

While the Yankees met with Shea Hillenbrand's agent yesterday, another option at first base surfaced. And while Richie Sexson is an expensive alternative, it could be one for the Yankees.

The Mariners have let teams know they are looking to move Sexson and third baseman Adrian Beltre in order to reduce payroll. It's believed the Mariners are clearing money in order to go after free agent Barry Zito.

Depending on the price, Sexson would be a decent fit. He'd bring a power righty bat, although historically he doesn't show much of a career platoon split (.263/.369/.513 vs. L, .271/.344/.530). He's also not a very good defender, particularly of late.

A weighted average projection for 2007 would put him at a -6, which isn't very good, but he makes up for that pretty well with his bat. Overall he'd probably be about two wins better than someone like Craig Wilson in 2007. He won't be cheap to acquire though. I'd guess Melky Cabrera and more would have to be part of a package.

The Yankees have been fairly quiet in the winter meetings, although they're still rumored to be meeting with the agents for Andy Pettitte and Ted Lilly.