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December 15, 2006

2007 Yankee Projections: CHONE
by SG

Yesterday I referenced projections from the Anaheim Angels all the Way blog, where Sean Smith has developed his own projection system, called CHONE (Comprehensive Holistic Objective Numerical Estimations). Here's how the Yankees project using this system in 2007.

First up, the position players.

And the pitching...

Projection systems are far from gospel, so make of these what you will. Projections for minor leaguers are based on what they may be expected to do in the majors in 2007. So apparently Phil Hughes projects to be the fourth best Yankee pitcher already.

Also, to save some of you the trouble of typing, I agree, Mariano's projection is ridiculous. He cannot be projected, because he does not fit into the group of normal human beings.

I'll be using these projections as part of my Diamond Mind simulations as spring training approaches.