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November 2, 2006

Lohud Yankees Blog - Abraham: Seattle bails on Matsuzaka
by SG

From Peter Abraham's fine Yankee blog:
I've done a little writing for Sports Nippon in Japan. My editor from that paper told me tonight that the big news in Japan is that Seattle does not plan to make a bid for Daisuke Matsuzaka.

The Mariners are controlled by the same Japanese company that owns Nintendo. Despite their resources, they apparently don't want to spend the $70 or $80 million it could ultimately take to get the right-hander.

It would be almost shocking at this point if the Yankees don't end up with him. The Mets have the resources but have been burned many times by Japanese players. The Red Sox could get in the mix, too. But I suspect the Yankees will blow everybody out of the water. They've drawn eight million fans the last two seasons. That's a lot of $8 beer.

Thanks to Cutter for the heads-up.

Interesting, although I still think another team could win the posting process depending on their desperation.

A few more links.

Seattle PI: Matsuzaka too pricey for M's
Seattle Times: Mariners won't bid on Japanese star Matsuzaka : Mariners won't bid for Matsuzaka

According to this article, Matsuzaka will be posted today, and teams will have until next Wednesday at midnight to submit their sealed bids. They also mention the Yankees having some interest in Jason Schmidt and Jeff Suppan.