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October 20, 2006

Wrists, Elbows, Backs, and Fasano
by SG

Here's a quick look around the state of the Yankees, from

Giambi has wrist surgery
Jason Giambi underwent surgery on Thursday to repair a torn tendon in his left wrist, and the Yankees are optimistic that the first baseman will be fully recovered by the start of Spring Training.

This pretty much cements Giambi as a DH next season in my mind, which raises the question of who will be the primary 1B. How about Hideki Matsui, who has already volunteered?

No elbow damage for Proctor
Scott Proctor visited a doctor in Tampa this week, concerned about a possible bone chip in his right elbow.

His fears were quelled Wednesday, as an MRI exam, X-rays and a CT scan revealed no damage to his arm.

Joe Torre has his first project for 2007 I guess, finishing the job on the Proctologist's elbow.

Big Unit to undergo back surgery
A week ago, Brian Cashman indicated that Randy Johnson would likely undergo surgery to repair a herniated disc in his lower back. Tuesday, Johnson's agent confirmed it.

Johnson visited Dr. Robert Watkins, a Southern California back specialist, and the decision was made to proceed with surgery.

This gives me slight hope for a more effective Johnson in 2007.
Fasano, Green become free agents
Sal Fasano and Nick Green were two of the role players who helped the Yankees capture their ninth consecutive American League East title this season.

On Monday, the two players became free agents.

How will the Yankees suvive the loss of Fasano's .143/.222/.286?