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October 11, 2006

Run Values of the 2006 Yankees
by SG

With the Yankees' 2006 season at its end, I wanted to take one last look back at the contributions of everyone who wore pinstripes this season. I posted the details of a lot of these calculations in this entry a while back, so if you want more background you can check that out.

First up, the offense.

Next up, the defense.

Lastly, the pitching.

Add it all up, and here's the sum total of everyone's contributions to the Yankees in 2006.

Do these numbers make sense? The Yankees were 167 runs better than an average team, or 16.7 wins better. Add 16.7 wins to an 81 win team, you get a 97.8 win team. I guess they do.

In other Yankee news, Joe Torre is staying.