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October 30, 2006

by SG

October 29, 2006 -- The Yankees are getting calls about Gary Sheffield.

With the Yanks expected to pick up the slugger's option by Nov. 6, teams anticipate the Bombers will trade Sheffield, who has made it clear he doesn't want to return to The Bronx to play first base for the last year of his contract.


"Teams are talking to the Yankees,'' an industry source said. "They know he is available and they know, when healthy, he produces runs.''

And while Sheffield's option is for $13 million, it's only $8 million next season since the remaining $5 million is deferred.

Possible landing places for Sheffield in a trade are the Angels and Orioles. The Tigers need a DH, and Sheffield enjoyed playing for Jim Leyland with the Marlins.

I'm very interested to see how this shakes out. The Yankees need pitching more than anything, although if a team is willing to offer some interesting prospects that might be enticing as well.