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October 26, 2006

NY Daily News: Sheffield warns: I won't deal with sign-and-trade
by SG

One day after the Daily News reported that the Yankees are planning to pick up Gary Sheffield's 2007 option as a precursor to trading him, Sheffield made it clear that he is not at all happy with the idea.

Sheffield was angered when he was informed the Bombers planned to exercise his $13 million option, preferring instead to test the free-agent market in hopes of landing a final three-year deal before retiring. Although Sheffield has little recourse if the Yanks do deal him, by making his displeasure known, it is possible that the potential trade partners will become leery because they can't be sure how Sheffield will react to a deal.

"I don't know what (the Yankees are) going to do," Sheffield told USA Today in a story posted on the paper's Web site late last night. "Maybe they picked it up just to trade me. If they do that, if I just (go) to a team for one year, there's going to be a problem. A big problem. I will not do this."

Gee, who saw this coming? I don't think Mr. Sheffield understands how little leverage he has right now. Maybe he should get a no-trade clause next time. Thanks to J for the link.