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October 6, 2006

Be Careful What You Wish For
by SG

Like many, I was glad to see the Yankees draw Detroit instead of Minnesota. It's not that I didn't think Detroit was a good team, it's just that Minnesota seemed scarier. As Oakland opened up a commanding 2-0 lead against those Twins we were all scared of, the Tigers managed to tie their ALDS series with the Yankees with a 4-3 victory at the Stadium yesterday.

In a quirk of bad timing, I was travelling yesterday and did not get to see the game, so I had to listen on my XM radio, and can't really give you any visual observations. After the game I had the "pleasure" of listening to Mike and the Mad Dog and the Yankee "fans" who called in, and they're already starting blaming Alex Rodriguez. Francessa kept harping on the fact that Rodriguez has gone 10 for 19 against tonight's starter Kenny Rogers, with 5 HRs. Obviously, Francessa can't comprehend the relative meaningless of a 19 PA sample size, but in some ways he may have a point.

I'm still not overly worried, but the fact that the Yankees need to win at least one game started by Randy Johnson or Jaret Wright is a little frightening. it would seem tonight's game is their better chance, but who knows how effective Johnson will be?

I'm going to have a tough time getting online the next few days so I may not be able to post much, but I'll try.