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September 30, 2006 Win secures home-field edge for Yanks
by SG

New York's 7-2 victory, combined with losses by both Detroit and Minnesota, wrapped up home-field advantage throughout the American League playoffs for the Yankees.

Great news. In even better news, Mike Mussina was brilliant in his final post-season tuneup. I don't know what's going to happen with Randy Johnson. The fact that there was a medical reason for his crappiness is probably good news, as it means that if he's able to take his post we can probably expect better than his typical five runs allowed. Wang and Moose and pray for rain (or lots of offense).

As an aside, I noticed that MGL posted Robinson Cano's 2006 UZR in this thread at Baseball Think Factory. Zone Rating has Cano as a +2 on the season, but UZR has him a +10. Either way, it appears that he's not just a hitter, and an asset on both sides of the ball. Somewhere, David Cameron weeps.

BTW, here are the Yankees' defensive totals at each position so far this year.