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September 26, 2006

Yankees 16, Tampa Bay 1
by SG

There's that missing offense. I'm really pressed for time today, so this has to be quick.

- Robinson Cano is now qualified for the batting title. He needs 19 PA over the rest of the season to remain qualified. He can probably get that by playing in 5 of the 6 remaining games.

- Gary Sheffield seems to be getting more comfortable at first base

- Randy Johnson has been pitching with a bad back for a month. I don't suppose it occurred to Randy that it may have been better for the team to tell them about this a month before the playoffs, rather than a week before?

- Mariano pitched again, and that is better news than the offensive outburst

- Right now, I trust Scott Proctor and Brian Bruney more than Kyle Farnsworth

- Congratulations to Andy Cannizaro for hitting his first major league homer. He may or may not have much of a major league future, but he'll always have that at the very least.