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August 9, 2006

Windy City Blues
by SG

A game that the Yankees play that leads to Mariano Rivera pitching with a lead should be a victory almost every time. Unfortunately, last night, it was not meant to be. Rivera threw a pitch in a bad location and Paul Konerko deposited it in the seats. The Yankees couldn't score off Bobby Jenks, and the White Sox managed to get a run in in the bottom of the 11th.

The Yankees didn't play very well yesterday honestly. They looked a little flat to me, and had terrible AB against Freddy Garcia IMO, making a lot of first and second pitch outs. Chien-Ming Wang continued to struggle on the road. At home, hitters are hitting .227/.273/.307 against Wang. On the road, they are hitting .316/.362/.400. This has led to an ERA of 4.99 on the road, and 2.66 at home. Wang exhibited similar splits last year, although not nearly as extreme. It's something to watch for going forward I guess.

Anyway, most of us with realistic viewpoints knew this stretch would be difficult. With Boston losing a game that they probably expected to win, it doesn't hurt all that much. Let's hope that Randy Johnson pitches better than he has been lately tonight.