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August 17, 2006

Orioles at Yankees: 1:05pm
by Larry Mahnken

Lopez vs. Wright

Well, this is an important game. Lose, and you go into Boston only 1½ up, 2 in the loss column, win and you go in 2½ up, 3 in the loss column. With a win, the Yankees would realistically be facing, at worse, a ½ game deficit on Tuesday morning, with a 1 game lead in the loss column (a five game sweep would be an unmitigated disaster even if they have a six game lead).

And they need Wright to do something he hasn't done this season: go deep into a game. Not eight innings, but six would be a nice start. Seven would be preferable. Five would be totally unacceptable, even with Wang starting tomorrow.

Well, hopefully it'll be a blowout, so they won't need to use anyone important.