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August 8, 2006

Numbers, Schmumbers
by SG

Since it's been a while since I posted a rundown of the Yankees' numbers, and with the off day I don't have much to write about, here's an update of how the Yankees are performing.

Jeter for MVP! On offense anyway. I must also say I could not have been more wrong about the Damon signing. He's having a very good season.

Moose continues to be the most valuable Yankee pitcher so far, with Wang picking up ground. For all the talk of the Yankee bullpen woes, their third through sixth most valuable pitchers have all been relievers. Unfortunately, that's probably a reflection on the mediocrity of the starters moreso than a testament to the greatness of Scott Proctor.

Remember when I said that Miguel Cairo was better than his OBP showed? That's why. You do have to take any defensive metrics with a grain of salt due their various limitations, but the numbers say Cairo was superlative at second while Cano was out. Does anyone miss the misadventures of Bernie in RF?

Update: Speaking of Bernie, here's his weekly breakdown in RF by request of Mike K.

Wang (13-4, 3.58) vs. Garcia (10-7, 4.87) tonight at 8:05 PM ET. I pray I don't get Hawk Harrelson.