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July 21, 2006

by SG

When the Yankees scored three runs off Roy Halladay, and with Mike Mussina cruising, it looked like the Yanks were on their way to a big series opening win against the Blue Jays. Then came the bottom of the sixth. After a leadoff double by Aaron Hill followed by a groundout that advanced Hill to third, Mussina got Reed Johnson to ground to third. Alex Rodriguez made a bad decision, although Jorge Posada was signalling to Rodriguez to throw home. Instead of taking the sure out at first and preserving a 3-1 lead, Rodriguez tried to cut down the runner going home, threw wildly, and the Blue Jays took advantage, scoring four runs in the frame.

The Yankees rallied to tie the game off B.J. Ryan, but then couldn't score before the Blue Jays did in extra innings, and lost 5-4.

It was a tough loss. It was a frustrating loss. It was largely Alex Rodriguez's fault. I still think he's one of the best players in the league, and will eventually prove his worth this season. The A-Rod witchhunt has gotten to the point where I can't read any newspapers or watch ESPN. I'll be honest, I wasn't a huge fan of his before, but all the negative attention is making me pull for him more and more. I'd like to see the clowns that are psychoanalyzing him from their Bristol studios eating a heaping pile of crow.

As if the loss wasn't enough, Octavio Dotel suffered another setback and is going to be examined by Yankee team physician Stuart Hershon tomorrow. At this point I'd be surprised if Dotel makes it back this season.

There is good news about Hideki Matsui based on the broadcast tonight, as his bones have fused completely. Right now there is some expected muscle soreness in his wrist and forearm area, but once that clears he can begin taking batting practice. Matsui is targetting a return for the series with Boston in mid-August. Let's hope he can make it.