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July 19, 2006

I Dub Thee Sir Sidney
by SG

In a fun game reminiscent of the July 1, 2004 classic against Boston, the Yankees beat the Mariners 5-4 last night, when Melky Cabrera and his .385 SLG mark pulled a walkoff HR leading off the 11th.

Sidney Ponson's debut went pretty well, as he lasted 6.2 innings and allowed four runs, although three came in the first inning. I thought his stuff looked pretty good, as he sat at around 92 on his fastball, but his command was off. If he can give the team 6-7 innings and allow 3-4 runs in most of his starts he'll be doing his job.

It was Joe Torre's 66th birthday last night, and I thought he managed a gem of a game. He pulled Ponson at the right time and went to Ron Villone, which I liked. He pulled Ron Villone at the appropriate time when lefty killer Eduardo Perez pinch hit. He used his own bench just about perfectly with his pinch-hitting decisions. When all the lineup shuffling left the Yankees without a second baseman, he moved Johnny Damon to first base and Andy Phillips to second base. I always get a kick out of seeing guys playing out of position, and Damon at first base for the first time in his professional career was pretty funny.

The whole Yankee pen also did outstanding work, as Villone, Kris Wilson, Kyle Farnsworth, and Scott Proctor finished with 4.1 innings of 2 hit, 0 run, 4 K pitching. The All Star Break appears to have rejuvenated Proctor's arm, as he's pitched 4 hitless innings with 6 Ks.

I guess I should mention the gift call the Yankees got on a Jorge Posada grounder in the ninth where he was called safe even though he was clearly out. Consider it mentioned.

Don't forget, it's a day game today, Randy Johnson vs. Gil Meche at 1:05 PM ET.