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July 3, 2006

Game Chatter: Yanks at Indians: 7:05
by Larry Mahnken

Wang (8-3, 4.01) vs. Jeremy Sowers (0-1, 7.20)

Don't get too excited, the kid's given up 4 runs in five innings, it's not batting practice time. Well, maybe it is.

I'm still not sold on Wang, though I ain't complaining. I wouldn't trade him for someone as good as he's pitching so far, but if it takes Wang to get a good player, I'd do it. He'll never be a more valuable commodity than he is now. He's basically to pitching what Alfonso Soriano is to hitting.

Interestingly, if Wang wins tonight, the Yanks have a legit shot at having three 10 game winners at the All-Star Break. That'd be something.