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July 5, 2006

"Fun" stat of the day
by SG

Yankee starters over the last three games:

8.1 IP
24 H
16 R
6 BB
4 SO
4 H
17.28 ERA

Gah. The big bad peripheral monster has finally caught up to Shawn Chacon, and it hasn't been pretty, with last night's 19-1 bloodbath at the hands of Cleveland the latest manifestation of it.

The Yankees need an upgrade in the OF and on the mound. My first thought was than an OF bat was a bigger need, but the cascade effect of a rotation that's required its bullpen to pitch 16.2 innings over three games with no days off over a stretch of nine games without a day off has me reconsidering. I think Chacon has to be pulled from the rotation and that the Yankees are going to give Steven White or Jorge De Paula a chance, although former Royal Kris Wilson is having a very strong year in Columbus as well and may be considered in the Aaron Small fluke season pulled out of his ass category.

Thankfully, last night's loss only counts as one in the real loss column, although it was worth about five in the Pythagorean standings. At least they don't play the games on a spreadsheet.