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June 22, 2006

The Book: TangoTiger - Derek Jeter: God of all that is Clutch
by SG

Fangraphs is keeping track of the change in win expectancy for the season. How is Derek Jeter, the clutchest of all clutch players doing? Don’t look now, but he is leading the Yankees in win probability added, with +3.2 wins!

Their best overall hitter (in terms of OPS) is Giambi, and he’s at +1.7 wins. Their next best hitter is Posada at +2.2 wins. Then it’s Jeter, someone else, and then it’s Damon at +1.1 wins and Bernie at +0.4 wins. In the middle of all that is Jeter, and he should be, if he performed the same regardless of the situation, around the +1.5 win level. He’s at +3.2 wins, giving him +1.7 wins of clutch performance, in only 64 games. That’s a +4.3 wins of clutch performance over a season. That is better than David Ortiz did last year. Ladies and gentlemen, we may be witnessing the greatest clutch season of all players, and this will cement Jeter’s status as the God of all that is Clutch.

This entry is from Tangotiger, MGL, and Andy Dolphin's new sabermetric blog. You may remember MGL from the interview he gave us a few months ago.

I knew Jeter was having a very good season, but this surprised me.

Nice win last night, 5-0 over Philly. I'm pressed for time today, so here are my thoughts in bullet form.

- Pulling Jaret Wright after five? Thumbs up. His control was crappy in the fifth.

- Using Ron Villone? Thumbs up.

- Using Scott Proctor? Thumbs in the middle, although he looked ok.

- Using Kyle Farnsworth? Not a big deal, he was already warmed up as the score was 2-0.

- Using Mariano Rivera? WTF? Thumbs way down. This was asinine. I know there's an off day today, but what if Rivera is needed tomorrow? Then he is unavailable Saturday unless you want to pitch him in 4 of 5 games.

- It was nice to see Melky bust out of his slump. His double was a rocket shot line drive that was low enough that the shortstop jumped for it and it still split the OF. I'd like to see more of that Melk.