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May 3, 2006

Expect the Unexpected
by SG

In order for the Yankees to beat the Devil Rays 4-2 tonight, it took several unexpected things.

Jaret Wright (yes, that Jaret Wright) pitched six effective innings, despite throwing only 42 strikes in 81 pitches, holding the Devil Rays to two runs.

Alex Rodriguez got a 1000 pound gorilla off his back, driving in the go-ahead run in the top of the 10th inning. The ice-cold Hideki Matsui added an insurance run with his second hit of the ninth, and Mariano Rivera pitched a perfect bottom of the tenth to close it out.

It was a good game all-around, despite the lack of offense. Mike Myers pitched pretty well and Kyle Farnsworth looked really good in his inning and a third of work, striking out two, and Joe Torre actually used Ron Villone in a high-leverage spot in lieu of Tanyon Sturtze, although he did have Sturtze warning just to scare us.

Today was Robinson Cano's one year anniversary as a Yankee. It's been a good year for Cano, who even drew a walk today.

Gary Sheffield got some oscillation therapy and is expected to take BP tomorrow, so he could be returning to the lineup soon as well.

With Boston falling to Toronto 7-6, the Yanks are back in a tie for first place. A little momentum would be nice. If Rodriguez and Matsui can build on today's game, the offense should be in pretty good shape.