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April 3, 2006

Opening Day?
by SG

In about 14 hrs, the Yankees are scheduled to open the 2006 season in Oakland. Unfortunately, there is a 90% chance of rain in the forecast, so they may not be able to play. If they do, Joe Torre has announced his lineup, which has already aggravated me.

1. CF Johnny Damon
2. SS Derek Jeter
3. RF Gary Sheffield
4. 3B Alex Rodriguez
5. 1B Jason Giambi
6. LF Hideki Matsui
7. C Jorge Posada
8. DH Bernie Williams
9. 2B Robinson Cano

It's amazing to me that Torre is so obsessed with getting his own platoon advantage but ignoring it in this instance. Not breaking up Giambi and Matsui, or Cano and Damon, makes little sense. I guess I have my first managerial decision to gripe about.

If the game does get in, it'll be Randy Johnson vs. Barry Zito.

Some people are asking if the Yankees' lineup is among the best ever.

Four years ago, it very well may have been. I don't think so now.

At last the offseason is over, and all the projections and things can be thrown out the window. Opening Day rocks!

cutter asked me to look at the defenses of the last few World Series winners, so I did. Here are the results.

2001 Diamond Backs

A solidly average defensive unit, with only our old friend Tony Womack as a really glaring weak spot.

2002 Angels

I was shocked when I ran these numbers. This could possibly be the greatest defensive season a team ever had. Every single position was at least 3 runs above average. Amazing. No wonder they kicked the Yankees' asses.

2003 Marlins

Another very good defensive team. Juan Encarnacion and Luis Castillo especially were key.

2004 Red Sox

Finally, the outlier. If you're going to be 61 runs below average on defense, it helps if you can hit the hell out of the ball and have Pedro Martinez and Curt Schilling I guess. It should be noted that the Red Sox that went to the postseason were much improved, as they swapped out well below average Nomar Garciapparra for the average fielding(for the Red Sox) Orlando Cabrera, and also added Doug Mientkiewicz, whose numbers are not above due to his shared time with Minnesota, but was definitely an upgrade.

2005 White Sox

Another excellent defensive team. I think Derek Jeter owes Juan Uribe a Gold Glove award. It will be interesting to see how much the White Sox miss Aaron Rowand this season.