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April 11, 2006

Opening Day in the Bronx
by SG

When Chien-Ming Wang blew the lead gained by Jason Giambi's first homerun of the season and Tanyon Sturtze poured gas on the fire, the Yankee home opener appeared to be headed for disaster. However, Derek Jeter sent the crowd of 54,698 home happy, hooking a grooved fastball inside the left-field foul pole with two outs in the bottom of the eight, finishing off a five run comeback as the Yankees beat the Royals 9-7. I was stuck in a conference room sneaking peeks at MLB Gameday, and had a really tough time containing my excitement, followed by my disgust, followed by my frustration, followed by my euphoria.

Over the course of 162 games, there will often be well-played games that are lost, and poorly played games that are won. Today's game probably falls closer to the second category than the first, but it still felt damn good. It shouldn't feel this way, but 3-4 sure seems a lot better than 2-5.

It's still probably too early to worry about the shaky performance of Wang, Gary Sheffield's slow start, Joe Torre's lineup and personnel machinations, and the Red Sox starting out so well. I'll worry about stuff the next time when it actually costs the Yankees a win.

It's the first winning streak of the season. I wouldn't mind if it lasts for a while.