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April 4, 2006

15 Down, 985 To Go
by Larry Mahnken

Lots of people have speculated on a 1000-run season for the Yankees this year, but I don't think we should count on that. 900 runs looks like a possibiltiy, but a grand? Well, that'll take some doing.

Good start. One out into the second inning, the Yankees were on a pace to score 7655 runs, and ended the game with an easy win, 15-2. A-Rod hit a grand slam, Godzilla a 3-run shot, and Bernie drove in the first run of the year. Nothing bad happened last night. Randy Johnson looked excellent and the lineup deadly, and all the positive predictions look possible.

But what does last night mean? Nothing, it's just one game, no more meaningful than a game next week. They won the opener last season and had to turn on the jets to catch Boston at season's end, they lost in 2004 and came within two outs of the pennant. I doubt you can make any connection between season opening performances and overall season performances. It's just one game.

Still, it's really nice to get that first win on the board, to keep alive the possibility of being one of the few teams to go wire-to-wire for the pennant, to get that magic number under 163. But until they can prove they can beat the D-Rays, I ain't getting excited.