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March 22, 2006

Random Stuff
by SG

After all the numbers I've been throwing out for the last few weeks, I think it's time to step back and just read some puff pieces. Here's what in the news out of Yankee camp right now.

Matt Desalvo opened some eyes during spring training.

It could be as early as April 15. It might be later. But Matt DeSalvo will be seen in a Yankees uniform this season. Unless, of course, he is included in the annual deal made to fill a June/July hole.

I'd love to see Desalvo pull a Wang if he gets the chance. No, not that kind of Wang. It'd just be cool to see him step in if he's needed and contribute. I don't think he has much more than #4/#5 starter potential, but considering the going rate of starting pitching, that's not the worst thing in the world.

Speaking of Wang, Chien-Ming Wang did not fare very well in a minor league outing yesterday

Working 32/3 innings for Columbus because the Yankees were off, Wang gave up five runs, seven hits (two homers), walked two and fanned three.

Wang was flying open with his left shoulder, so he left everything up in the strike zone and was hit hard in the first two innings. In his final two frames, Wang was able to get the ball down, and retired six of the last seven batters.

If Wang is going to survive with his low strikeout totals, giving up HRs won't work. Keep the ball down Wang.

It also looks like the injury that is going to keep Carl Pavano on the DL to start the season has opened the door for Wil Nieves to make the team as a third catcher. My first reaction was that this is stupid. The more I thought about it, perhaps it means that Torre wants to use Posada at DH a few times to start the season. Given Jorge's age and apparent decline, this isn't a bad idea, and Kelly Stinnett, while not a good player, has the potential to outhit Bernie Williams or Andy Phillips for a few weeks.

I'm not sure if we should be worried about Mike Mussina's horrendous game against Detroit on Monday. It's obviously not a good thing, but Moose has looked decent over most of the spring.

Lastly, the Yankees play Boston tonight at Legends Field at 7:15 PM EST. The game will be on YES, and also on NESN, for those of you unfortunate enough to live in New England. If you are tired of hearing about Johnny Damon leaving Boston for New York, make sure your mute button works.

I'm not sure what to make of the whole Alfonso Soriano situation. Obviously, he's being selfish and short-sighted, but Bowden should have discussed this with him before trading for him, especially since he traded a couple of outfielders for him. As for him returning to the Yankees, I wouldn't give up anything for him, and I don't see where he would fit. Regardless, despite Alex Rodriguez's supposed 'un-clutchness', that trade looks like a steal.