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March 24, 2006

I Believe
by Larry Mahnken

As of about, oh, 5:30 PM (Eastern Time) on March 24th, 2006, these things I believe, in no particular order:

I believe Bernie Williams will be offensively useful in 2006. Not old-school Bernie, but maybe an OPS around .800.

I believe Robinson Cano will be better in 2006 than he was in 2005.

I believe that Chien-Ming Wang will either greatly increase his strikeout rate or be pretty lousy, and that both are equally likely to happen.

I believe Jaret Wright will be pretty lousy. Check that, I know that Jaret Wright will be pretty lousy.

I believe that Carl Pavano will be pretty good. Not great, but pretty good. Like Wang last year.

I believe that Derek Jeter will win the Gold Glove Award.

I believe that Derek Jeter will not deserve to win the Gold Glove Award.

I believe that Alex Rodriguez will be the clear choice for MVP again but either barely win or get robbed. Again.

I believe that Randy Johnson will finish in the top 3 for the Cy Young Award.

I believe that the Yankees will win the American League East. Again.

I believe that the Red Sox will win the Wild Card. Again.

I believe that the Blue Jays will be nowhere near as good as people are hyping them to be.

I believe that Barry Bonds took steroids.

I believe that Barry Bonds is currently taking Human Growth Hormone.

I believe that Bonds should not be suspended barring a positive drug test, and that the record books should remain unaltered.

I believe that Jason Giambi is clean right now.

I believe that Alfonso Soriano is an idiot.

I believe that Jim Bowden is a bigger idiot.

I believe that the Nationals would be better off if they asked Soriano to move back to shortstop and tried to find another left fielder.

I believe that the World Baseball Classic was fucking awesome.

I believe that the Yankees' bullpen is going to be worse this year than last year.

I believe that Shawn Chacon is going to be good this year.

And I believe that if I want to reclaim my blog from SG, I should probably do something more creative than make a list of my opinions.

Anyway, those are some of the things I believe right now. I may change my mind at any point.