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February 28, 2006

Spring Training Notes - 2/28
by SG

I'm taking a break from the looking ahead stuff for a day or two, so here's the lowdown on camp Yankee.

Gary Sheffield has apparently calmed down, and after a back spasm issue, looks to be fine.

"I have to take it easy and not overdo it," the 37-year-old Sheffield said. "It's a little tight, but I don't have the soreness. It's not big deal."

Hideki Matsui has a minor knee problem, but it doesn't sound so bad.

It's an old scar that slightly swelled up," said Matsui, who had blood seeping from his uniform on the left knee. "It's nothing specific, it happens during the season. It's not a big deal."

Today is the first intra-squad game. On Thursday, Jeter, Rodriguez, Damon, and Bernie Williams will leave camp for the WBC. Thankfully they have no pitchers playing. From the linked article:

Are they ready to play games that are being billed as having more intensity than the garden-variety spring training game? Can the stars deliver their best performances in early March?

That depends on whom you ask in the Yankees clubhouse. Interestingly, players who aren't participating have doubts, as does Williams. A-Rod, Jeter and Damon believe the level of play will be good, but can't guarantee it.

"No, not ever," said Mike Mussina (who is not participating) when asked if he would be ready to pitch against Mexico in Game 1 on March 7 at Chase Field. "None of us are ready to go. You might think you are but you aren't. You are in [camp] trying to get ready and now they are asking you to turn it up a notch."

This still just seems like a bad idea to me, mainly because of the timing. I just get the feeling someone's going to get injured.

Yahoo's got some spring training photos up for those who can't wait for winter to end.