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February 17, 2006

Spring Training Notes - 2/17
by SG

Well, pitchers and catchers have reported, which means no shortage of puff pieces in the New York virtual fish wraps.

Newsday has the breaking news that Yankees signed Scott Erickson, who was last decent in 1999. There's no problem with accruing depth, but I count about 15 pitchers I'd rather see starting in pinstripes in 2006.

1) RJ
2) Moose
3) Wang
4) Chacon
5) Pavano
6) Wright
7) Small
8) Villone
9) Matt Desalvo
10) Sean Henn
11) Jorge De Paula
12) Tyler Clippard
13) Stephen White
14) Darrell Rasner
15) Scott Proctor

If 11 of these guys get injured, I hope Erickson gets a chance.

Speaking of Randy Johnson, he's looking for a better year in 2006.

"Seventeen wins is good," he said, "but I expect more this year."

So do we Randy. So do we.

Mike Mussina is looking for a contract extension. I have no idea what Moose will do this year, but maybe looking for a contract will be a motivating factor for him. If he stays healthy and pitches reasonably well, I'd consider bringing him back at a reduced rate for a year or two unless it looks like the farm is ready to graduate a few starters and he'd be blocking anyone.

I'm still not buying the hype for World Baseball Classic, but maybe as it gets closer I'll feel differently. And Ozzie Guillen should just shut his mouth.