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February 2, 2006 - Jays ready to rule the roost
by SG's predicting the Blue Jays to win the AL East according to the article linked above. While I think it's possible, a lot has to break right for them and wrong for the Yankees and Boston for them to actually do it.

There's another article about the Yankees' depth in arms, which I'm a little tired about hearing about. I don't really consider having Jaret Wright and Aaron Small around as depth, since neither is likely to be very good.

Pitcher and catchers report in two weeks for the Yankees.

Here's a list of the Yankees' non-roster invitees:

Included in the list are some what we hope will be key parts of the Yankee future (J.B. Cox, Phil Hughes, Stephen White), some ghosts of rings past(Ramiro Mendoza), and some people who are hopefully just getting a paid vacation in the sun (Al Leiter, Russ Johnson).

For a kick, check out the age difference between Hughes and Leiter.