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January 6, 2006

by SG

From the always inspired New York Post:

The broadcast booth and politics will have to wait. Al Leiter, it turns out, is not the retiring type.

The Yankees are close to signing Leiter to a minor league contract to compete for a bullpen job in spring training. Leiter, 40, had indicated that last season would be his final one in the majors. But he enjoyed his time with the Yankees and the organization felt he had sufficient spark in his arm to attempt one more reunion.

"He'd be an insurance policy," GM Brian Cashman said. "He would come in to compete for the bullpen to get lefties out like he was doing in the playoffs. That is what we are talking to him about."

After seven seasons with the Mets, Leiter last year had a disastrous half-season with the Marlins, going 3-7 with a 6.64 ERA before being released. The Yanks picked him up when their rotation was in disarray. Leiter's final numbers as a Yankee were not pretty (4-5, 5.49). But he made a couple of critical starts and Joe Torre trusted Leiter enough to use him four times out of the pen in the five-game Division Series loss to the Angels.

"You know he is not afraid," Cashman said. "He is a veteran guy, a stand-up guy, a quality guy. He likes to compete."

Does this make any sense? I'd rather see someone like Matt DeSalvo or Jorge DePaula be the insurance policy.