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January 11, 2006

by SG

From Kevin Kernan in the Post:

"I just don't get it," a frustrated Gossage said in Colorado yesterday, moments after he was told fellow reliever Bruce Sutter would be the only man going into Cooperstown this summer. "I'm at a loss for words."

Not really.

"I just can't believe Sutter got in before me," Gossage added. "He deserved it. I was hoping Sutter and I could go in together. ... I don't know if I ever will make it."

I am surprised Gossage hasn't gotten in yet. Although I didn't get to see him in his prime, I saw enough of him to think he belongs. I think Sutter is an iffy selection, but I can't fathom a rationale that puts him in before Gossage. I thought this was Gossage's best chance with the weakness of the competition. I hope Goose gets in eventually.