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January 26, 2006

NY Daily News: Yanks mulling Mike
by SG

Though some club officials believe the likelihood of the Yankees signing Mike Piazza is remote, the team's braintrust is still assessing whether the ex-Met star would suit pinstripes as a DH, according to GM Brian Cashman.

"I have not made a decision," Cashman said. "We're still going through it. I'm obviously evaluating Mike and seeing if he fits where we're at at this point in time.

"I don't have a need for anybody, but that doesn't mean you don't constantly evaluate what's available and the price they're available at."

Piazza may have some life left as a DH. However, if the Yankees are going to enter the season with a 4 man bench, carrying Stinnett and Piazza would seem to be very limiting. With Bernie Williams and Miguel Cairo also on board, the Yankees have one more spot for either Andy Phillips or Bubba Crosby, both of whom would be needed as at least defensive replacements. If they sign Piazza with the intent of dumping Stinnett, then it makes more sense.

Update: Newsday says Piazza not likely to don pinstripes.

When the Yankees learned several days ago that they could sign Piazza for cheap, they were intrigued about the possibility of adding a Hall of Fame bat at a bargain rate. But after days to survey the club's top-tier scouts, general manager Brian Cashman is leaning heavily toward passing on Piazza.

Reached Wednesday night, Cashman said only that he had yet to convey his decision to Dan Lozano, Piazza's agent. However, others indicated Cashman was said to be concerned about how Piazza's presence might clog the designated-hitter spot on a team filled with older players who may need to DH, and Cashman was apparently preparing to say no to Piazza.