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January 13, 2006

Memorable Yankee Games I've Attended
by SG

joel had a good suggestion in the comments about revisiting our most memorable games attended. I picked out five of my personal favorites and listed some details below, and I invite everyone to do the same in the comments for any games that stick out in their minds.

June 26, 1994: Yankees 12, Indians 11

This was one of the craziest games I ever attended. Jim Abbott started, and was shaky, but the Yankees took an 8-2 lead into the bottom of the fifth, and then Cleveland began chipping away with single runs in the fifth and sixth. The Yankees scored four in the top of eight and had what looked to be an insurmountable 12-4 lead. That '94 Cleveland team was frightening though, and they pounded out seven runs off Sterling Hitchcock, Paul Gibson, and Bob Wickman, capped off by a three run shot by Albert Belle off Wickman. Suddenly it was 12-11 and I thought the Yankees were about to blow it. Thankfully Wickman and Steve Howe were able to get the last four outs. It was a wild game to attend.

June 3, 1998: Yankees 7, Devil Rays 1

I had actually attended the game the day before because of a radio report that David Wells might have to miss a start and Orlando "El Duque" Hernandez would get the start. Wells was able to go, but when WFAN reported that David Cone got bit by a Jack Russell terrier the next day, I was on the 6. El Duque got his shot and delivered. The game itself was unremarkable, but El Duque was very impressive, throwing 7 great innings and getting a great ovation when he left.

September 16, 1996: Yankees 10, Blue Jays 0

It was a blowout, but a very memorable game for me. This was in the Skydome and the game started with the roof open. Jimmy Key was masterful, throwing six perfect innings before giving up a hit in the bottom of the 7th. It was Tim Raines's birthday, and he celebrated by hitting two HRs. When he hit the second HR, it started pouring and they had to close the roof of the Skydome while the game was going. It was just cool to see that.

May 19, 1998: Yankees 9, Orioles 5

This is better known as the Benitez plunks Tino game, that precipitated the only brawl I've gotten to see at a baseball game. Trailing 5-3 in the bottom of the 8th, Bernie Williams jacked a 3 run HR to make the score 6-5. An angry Benitez plunked Tino Martinez, who took offense. Benitez made a move, and the Yankees charged, led by Darryl Strawberry. When play resumed Tim Raines took Bobby Munoz deep to make it 9-5, in one of the loudest scenes I've ever heard.

September 29 1995: Yankees 4, Blue Jays 3

In 1995, the Yankees were in a dogfight for the wild card. Boston had a comfortable lead in the AL East, and Seattle and California were in a dead heat in the AL West and with the Yankees. Every win was crucial, and trailing 3-0 heading into the top of the ninth in the Skydome, all looked bleak. The Yankees got two runs, but with a runner on and two down, up stepped Pat Kelly, the light hitting 2B who we all had high hopes for which never panned out. Kelly hit a fly ball to LF that kept carrying and we were stunned. I dropped the hot dog I was eating on the head of the guy in front of me when I jumped up to watch it leave. John Wetteland came in throwing gas, striking out two of three hitters to end a must-win game. I actually got attend the whole weekend of games, and saw the Yankees clinch the wild card on the last day of the season.

So what are some of your most memorable games attended?