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December 20, 2005

CBS4 Boston - Johnny Damon Agrees To 4-Year Deal With Yankees
by SG

(CBS4) BOSTON CBS4's Dan Roche is reporting that Johnny Damon has agreed to a four-year deal with the New York Yankees.

I pray this is not true. My happiness about the Dotel signing will be turned to furious anger if this turns out to be more than just idle speculation.

Update:Newsday's Jon Heyman is confirming this, and the terms are ugly. 4 years, $52 million.

This is a troubling move. Not just because of the baseball implications on the field, where Damon is going to be a declining sinkhole on offense and defense while taking up tons of payroll, but also because it means that either:

a)Brian Cashman is not the sabermetric genius who was stifled by the Tampa mafia that we thought he may be


b)Cashman's autonomy on roster decisions is not as strong as it has to be to prevent the types of moves that have this team struggling to win 95 games with a payroll 3 times that of almost every other team.