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November 2, 2005

Deadspin - Sources: Lawton Has Tested Positive
by SG

From the site

We’ve been hearing the same thing from several different, reliable people today, so, since this is what we do, we decided it was time to print it. Multiple sources tell Deadspin that Yankees outfielder Matt Lawton has tested positive for steroids and is currently entrenched in the appeals process, with Major League Baseball keeping the whole thing quiet until the process is done and some of the dust has settled.

Lawton, who just filed for free agency from the Yankees, was traded from the Cubs before last year’s trading deadline. We emphasize that this is just a rumor, has no connection to our poll last week (we, sadly, did not even mention Lawton) and only what we’re taking from a bunch of people we’re talking to. We have not seen any positive tests, samples, press releases, Lawton peeing in a cup, anything like that. This is just what we keep hearing.

Oh, and we’re sorry the rumors are about Matt Lawton. We were kind of hoping it would be someone cooler as well.

I was praying it wouldn't be a Yankee, but I guess this is the best case scenario. It may shed some light on why he was not on the postseason roster too.