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September 2, 2005

Road "Warriors"
by SG

In what has been a frustratingly inconsistent season for the Yankees, one thing has been fairly consistent. The Yankees are one of the best teams in home.

The Yankees are 44-24 at home, for a .647 winning percentage, which is second in the league. At home, the Yankees are hitting .294/.374/.482 for an OPS of .856, which ranks second in the majors. They are scoring 6.1 runs per game at home, which also ranks second in the majors.

On the pitching side, they have a 4.26 ERA at home, and opponents are hitting for a .748 OPS.

The problem has been the road. With last night's loss to Seattle, the Yankees are now 31-34 on the road. Away from the Bronx, the Yankees are hitting just .253/.330/.412 for an OPS of .742, which ranks thirteenth in the majors. They score 4.7 runs a game on the road, which ranks ninth in the league. It's not always unusual for teams to hit better at home, but the Yankees' differential of 1.4 runs per game is the highest in the AL. Their OPS difference between home and road is .114, which is second highest in the AL.

Historically, Yankee Stadium has played as a pitcher's park. There's no logical explanation for this, but with the Yankees having 13 games left on the road this season, it's a big concern.

Last night's loss was a disappointment. In addition to falling to a bad Seattle team and only spliting a 4 game series, the loss dropped them 4 games behind Boston in the loss column with only 29 games remaining. Granted, they play Boston 6 times, but to expect anything more than 4 wins out of those six games would be unreasonable. If Boston goes 15-15 over their last 30 games, the Yankees will have to go 19 and 10 to beat them out. If Boston goes 17-13, the Yankees would have to go 21-8.

The Yankees can wipe out yesterday's loss by taking 2 of 3 against Oakland this weekend. Given their performance on the road this year, how likely is that?