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August 17, 2005

by SG

Tonight, I returned from a mini-vacation excited to watch the Yankees after a week of not seeing any games. However, instead I became convinced that the 2005 New York Yankees are not making the playoffs. I understand that mathematically, they are still alive, but this team just doesn't have it. The sooner we all accept it, the better it will be.

The Tampa Devil Rays are 39-69 against all teams in baseball except the "mighty" New York Yankees. Against the Yankees, they are 9-4. Tampa's a good hitting team, but they can't pitch, and there's no excuse for the lifeless play against them by this supposed team of superstars. I hate to talk about intangibles, but this team has no balls. They should not be losing 2 of 3 games to Tampa during the defining portion of their season, and expect to be a factor in the pennant race.

I will not take issue with any of Joe Torre's moves tonight, because I thought that he made the right moves. I thought he pulled Leiter at the right time, and I thought bringing in Small was the right move. I also thought that he went to Alan Embree at the right time and had no problem with him keeping him in for Aubrey Huff. Embree did his job, but Robinson Cano didn't, and Tanyon Sturtze didn't, and a game that should have been a win became a loss.