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July 16, 2005

Newsday: Pitching-starved Yanks deal for Leiter
by SG

The Yankees and Marlins have an agreement in principle on a deal that will make Al Leiter a Yankee again, Newsday has learned.

The Yankees have agreed to send about $250,000 to Florida for Leiter, 39, the veteran lefthander who was recently designated for assignment by the Marlins. The Yankees will send no players to Florida, which will pay the remainder of Leiter's annual $8-million salary, minus the pro-rated portion, about $150,000, which will be paid by the Yankees.

Leiter will be thrown right into action by the Yankees. He is expected to start Sunday in Boston for them.

I would suggest anyone avoiding making plans to watch Sunday's game go ahead and make them. Leiter's done. He's been pitching on fumes for a few years and it's finally caught up to him this season.