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June 18, 2005

by Larry Mahnken

Just a brief post about last night's game, as my time is brief.

Last night the Yankees had their second late-inning comeback in three days, after blowing a 4-0 lead and, for a few innings, appearing to have reverted to their old, frustrating ways.

But Hideki Matsui made it clear that this team wasn't back to those old ways, crushing what proved to be the eventual game winner, his third homer in four games, all after hurting his ankle on Sunday. What at first appeared to be yet another devastating blow has turned into the biggest break the Yankees have gotten this year, forcing Matsui to keep his weight back when he swings, helping him return to the hard-hitting ways the Yankees depended on so heavily last season.

With the win the Yankees gained a game on the Orioles, who lost to the Rockies. "Just" five games out, their poised to make a move in the second half. The rumors of a potential deal for Mike Cameron, assuming they don't have to give up anything too important, are positive. Cameron is a good hitter and a great centerfielder, and the addition of him to the lineup would not only eliminate any important role for Shitmack, but would fill a huge hole in the lineup and the field. It would make the Yankees a much stronger contender for everything they're in the race for this year.

I'm inclined to believe they won't be able to get him, but then I was skeptical of their chances to get Randy Johnson (though I suppose for a couple of months this season it appeared that they didn't actually get him). It's a trade worth rooting for.

And the Yankees are once again a team worth rooting for. They're in the race again, they're fun to watch again. They're very close to redemption.