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May 2, 2005

New Blood Is Headed to the Aging Yankees
by SG

The win over Tampa was nice, but what caught my eye towards the end of the game was the article linked above that was in the NY Times.

The Yankees plan to promote infielder Robinson Cano from Class AAA Columbus and use him at second base, with Tony Womack shifting to left field and Hideki Matsui to center.

I'm not sure that I like the idea of Tony Womack getting AB at the expense of what will likely be Bernie Williams and Jason Giambi, but I like this move. I'm curious to see what Cano can do in the majors, and also curious to see what Matsui can do in CF. If he can play a creditable CF in the majors, he becomes immensely more valuable, and the Yankees have the easier task of importing a LF next year instead of a CF (assuming they re-sign Matsui).

The other good news in the article was this:

They are carrying 12 pitchers and expect to activate reliever Tanyon Sturtze from the disabled list Thursday. Cashman said the Yankees would not have 13 pitchers; in fact, he said, "I want to be at 11."

However they trim some of the fat from the pitching staff, it can only be a good thing. The trick will be to fill the newly created roster spot with a player that can complement their current core. If it keeps Andy Phillips in the bigs, then it's a good move (5 Ks tonight notwithstanding).

If nothing else, the team just got a lot more interesting to watch over the next few weeks. Ideally, Cano kicks some butt and keeps himself on the team. If Womack plays subpar, I'd imagine they'll get an other OF somehow.

Update: Supposedly, Steve Karsay has been designated for assignment but I can't find a link.

Update #2: Randy Johnson tweaked his groin and will miss his start Wednesday. In his place will be Sean Henn.