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January 27, 2005

Yanks to add an outfielder
by SG

The thought of Bernie Williams as the every day CF has obviously distressed many Yankee fans. According to the article linked above:

The Yankees have few details to finish before spring training begins in three weeks, and it appears they will sign either Doug Glanville or Tom Goodwin to a minor-league contract to fill the fourth outfielder's role.

This won't help. The Yankees have made the following moves in the offseason which have not helped the team:

Re-signed John Flaherty(career OPS+ of 75)
Re-signed Ruben Sierra(.296 OBP last season)
Signed Tony Womack to be the starting 2B(career OPS+ of 75)
Signed Rey Sanchez to be the backup infielder(career OPS+ of 69, 63 last year)

You would think it wouldn't be possible to make a worse move than those, but signing Doug Glanville would qualify. Not only did he put up an OPS+ of 32 last year, his defense rates as terrible by UZR. I don't have his 2004 numbers, but from 2000-2003 he rated as a -20 per 150 games. Goodwin does rate far better on defense, with a +16 per 150 games from 2000-2003. However, his career OPS+ of 73, and last year's total of 34 are far from overwhelming. He does have decent speed, so he could have value as a defensive replacement and pinch runner.

I almost get the sense the Yankees are trying to make themselves worse with each subsequent move. Also, by signing Sanchez and one of these people, they will likely deny the chance for Andy Phillips and/or Bubba Crosby to make the team, and provide similar value at a fraction of the cost, with the potential for some upside.

I feel a bit weird writing about baseball so soon after Larry's horrible situation, but the outpouring of support from his readers and Larry's great attitude given what has to be an absolutely devastating moment make me feel less strange about it. I'd like to say I'm very impressed by everyone's comments and support, and am just glad that Larry has given me the chance to contribute to his great blog from time to time. Thanks Larry, and thanks to all of Larry's supporters.