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January 1, 2005

Predictions For a New Year
by Larry Mahnken

1. The Yankees do not sign Carlos Beltran, and play Bernie Williams in center all season
2. Javier Vazquez has an ERA below 3.50
3. Randy Johnson has an ERA above 4.00
4. Colter Bean does not throw a single major league pitch
5. Jason Giambi hits 30 HRs and has an OPS over .900
6. Tony Womack plays 150 games at second base, hits .270, has a .690 OPS, and Kay and Kaat talk all year about what a great addition he's been to the top of the lineup because he steals 30 bases
7. Carl Pavano and Jaret Wright each have ERAs over 4.00, and win fewer than 30 games combined
8. Paul Quantrill, Tom Gordon and Mariano Rivera are all overused by Joe Torre again and break down in October
9. Derek Jeter's defense regresses, but he still wins the Gold Glove, as he will do do every year until he retires, and be remembered as a great defensive player
10. The Yankees will win the AL East by five games, but lose by at least 10 games in the adjusted standings

Happy New Year