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January 4, 2005

The Hardball Times: A Series of Ridiculously Stupid Events
by Larry Mahnken

What a waste of money.

Keep Lieber (pick up his option) and El Duque, don't sign Pavano and Wright. There's $5 million.

Don't sign Womack, give the starting job to Cano. There's $2 million, $7 million total.

Keep Vazquez and the $8 million sent along, and don't trade for Johnson, there's $13 million, $20 million total.

Don't sign Tino, there's another $3 million, $23 million total.

Don't re-sign Sierra (as they're about to), save $1 million, $24 million total.

Sign Beltran, save at least $6 million, have a better team than they're going to.