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December 8, 2004

Yanks sign Womack, Wright
by SG

I am stupified. Two horrible signings IMO. Tony Womack has a career .319 OBP and was rated as -13 RAA defensively last year at 2B. I'm sure Torre will make him the everyday starter and leadoff man though. Two years? $4 million dollars? Miguel Cairo was not offered arbitration either.

Jaret Wright has a career 5.09 ERA. He did have a good year last year, but that was under the tutelage of Leo Mazzone, and in the National League. I don't see a repeat of that, certainly not under Mel "Career Killer" Stottlemyre. The rumor is that Wright will be getting Kris Benson money. This signing makes the Benson signing look like sheer brilliance.

This offseason has been a nightmare so far. This Yankee run had to end at some point, but the Yankees are doing everything they can to speed it along. In addition, they are loading up with people who not only could stink, but will be difficult to root for. Tony Womack, the guy who helped Arizona beat Mo? Jaret Wright, the punk from Cleveland who was always throwing at the Yankees?

This is very disappointing news. I just need to hear about the Milton signing now, and I can go jump off a bridge.