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December 17, 2004

The Johnson Trade... Maybe?
by Larry Mahnken

I'll make some in-depth comments on the potential Johnson trade as soon as it's official. There seems to be some hang-ups right now, partly that Johnson might not waive his no-trade clause (wouldn't the New York media look foolish then!), and that the deal was actually contingent on the Dodgers resigning Adrian Beltre (which makes sense -- with Beltre, they could play Kent at first, without they need him at third, so they need Green at first). So this may be old news.

If the deal was contingent on Beltre, but Johnson's willing to waive his no-trade, then I have little doubt that the Yankees will get Johnson before spring training -- at the least, this proposed trade sets the framework for an acceptable trade from the Diamondbacks' perspective. But we'll see.

Added Thought: If this trade doesn't fall apart over the weekend, then it's pretty much a done deal, I'd say.