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December 13, 2004

by Larry Mahnken

From Sons of Sam Horn:

Babelfish translation of this article

Another Latin torpedo boat in Boston? To find a substitute for Trimming Goatherd is one of the great priorities that have the Red Averages at the moment By RED ENRIQUE

Santo Domingo (AP) - Besides to retain to the Pedro thrower Martinez and the receiver Jason Varitek, to find a substitute for the torpedo boat Trimming Goatherd she is one of the great priorities that at the moment have the Red Averages of Boston. The substitute could leave the own rows of the world-wide champions, taking into account a conversation between John Henry, proprietor of the Red Averages, and the Dominican torpedo boat Hanley Ramirez, the best one I prospect of the organization by three years followed.

"Henry asked to me that in where I saw myself playing in the 2005 and said to him that in Pawtucket, our triple branch A", Ramirez said to the AP.

"Pero he said me that it go to the primaverales training prepared with the idea that could be the regular torpedo boat in Fenway Park", Ramirez added. "Me I laughed nervous and moved by those palabras".

The conversation between Henry and Ramirez took place Wednesday, when a mission of the Red Averages visited Dominican Republic to attend the celebration of the first anniversary of the development academy that runs the organization here.

Ramirez, of 20 years, is projected by the Red Averages like the regular torpedo boat of the club for the 2006, but the game of Nomar Garciaparra and Orlando Goatherd, plus the great work of the Dominican one in the winter league, could accelerate the process.

After two years of discharges and losses, in the land and outside this one, Ramirez it managed to put together all in the 2004. In the summer, Ramirez divided their time between the leagues of Sarasota (a) and Portland (AA), batting 310 of combined form. He was the Player of the Year of the Red Averages in Sarasota, member of the equipment All Stars of Liga of the East and I prospect number one of Boston. He integrated themselves to the Tigers of the Licey from the first day of the winter season and was selected the Player of the Week in the first seven days of action.

An annoyance in the back removed to the player of action in happened the two weeks of the winter league. "Ya I am recovered and ready to play when the Licey me necesite", Ramirez said, who bats 257 with five home runs and 16 races towed in the winter league.