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December 16, 2004

Amateur Hour
by Larry Mahnken

The Hardball Times and I were dissed by writer Spencer Fordin a couple of days ago, in particular for my Productive Outs article. Fordin seems to dismiss my article because of where it was published and who wrote it, not for its content. Whatever.

One point that he makes that does ring true was that my comment at the end of the article: "Buster Olney either knows he's wrong, and doesn't have the guts to admit it, or he's a fool." was amateur and unecessary. He's absolutely right.

I shouldn't have written that, and I wince every time I go back and read it. I was looking for a tidy ending to the article, and wrote that. I suppose an editor normally would have caught it and lifted it out, but Aaron and the other editors generally don't edit our content, just typos and formatting, etc.

If Buster is perchance reading this (fat chance), I'd like to apologize. Your theory about Productive Outs was wrong, but I was wrong to insult you.